App Presentation Through Phone Mockup PSD

So you have a great mobile application concept. How do you make sure people will get behind it? You need a convincing presentation with the Phone mockup PSD.

Having a great idea for a mobile application is well and good, but can you afford to develop it by yourself? Unless you have hidden wealth that you are willing to risk, it would be very hard for a regular person to develop their own mobile application. There is a lot of technology needed plus a lot of effort and money. It usually takes an entire team to make an efficient mobile application that people will enjoy. 


There are only two things that you can do: sell your concept to a tech company or get investors to put money behind your concept to put it in fruition. Now all you have to do is to make a convincing presentation. There is only one presentation tool that could give you a homerun: phone mockup PSD

What is a phone mockup PSD?

It is a digital tool that is customizable. It features a phone in a template where you could edit the screen with your own design. It is the most realistic representation of your concept. The PSD attached to it means that it is a Photoshop document, which means it is of high quality and that it is easy to work with. In fact, you only need to drag and drop your own design to the screen of the phone on the template. 


There are two kinds of phone mockups: iPhone mockup template and Android phone template. The difference between the two is easy to identify. The former uses the iPhone as focus while the latter uses the Android phone. You have to remember, though, that there are many Android phones to choose from. You can have the Samsung phone lineup or the Google Pixel, Oppo, LG, Huawei and so much more. The Android phone mockup is very versatile. 

Why is versatility important? Think of the templates as clothes. There are clothes that are perfect for everyday activities. There are also clothes that are appropriate for formal parties. Still, you have a different set of garb if you work out. Then when you go to the beach, you find garments from another set of piles. 


It is the same when you are doing a mobile application presentation. If your app is more serious, you should find a simple phone mockup PSD that uses monotone and a serious or classic phone. If your app design is more youthful, you should find a template that screams fun and light. For health-related digital products, you can always use the help of non-tech related templates. For example, there is a phone mockup that shows a person holding a phone—you could use this for a health-related app. The screen would show health indicators like weight, age, heart rate, pulse, number of steps, etc. It may also help that the arm holding the phone had a glisten of sweat on them implying that they just came from a workshop. 

How can mockups help?

Basically, when you find the right phone mockup PSD, there will be a narrative that could help your presentation. Let’s go back to the example of the person working out. By showing off that sweaty arm, we are basically giving investors or companies a chance to see your concept in actual use. You are giving them a glimpse of the future, which would really help your cause.


The most important thing here is the realism, which is really why mockups are important. Mockup is not just a thing for digital products. It was first used for physical products actually. The most common mockup is used in real estate. Most real estate developers have a scaled down version of a proposed development. It will feature the actual design of the house but in a much smaller version. This will help clients determine if they want to buy the house or not. If they like the design and layout, then they will most certainly make a favorable decision.


It is the same for the phone mockup PSD. It allows your target audience to see the product and determine if it is something they can look forward to supporting.

Time and effort

Having a mockup will definitely allow you to have a professional, neat and smart presentation. With the phone mockup PSD, you only need minimal time and effort to complete your presentation. Using a PSD mockup is so easy. You just browse through the hundreds of designs on the internet. Make sure you only get from a reliable website for a high-quality and high resolution template.

After you find the template you want, download it. The files are usually in a folder that comes with a PDF or JPG image that can be edited. Open your Adobe Photoshop app on your computer and unzip the mockup file. Locate the Smart Object so that you can edit without damaging the original quality. Once you have found the Smart Object, then you can drag and drop your own design to the screen of the phone. You are basically replacing the original screen of the template.


That was easy, wasn’t it? It doesn’t take a lot of time to make a presentation using the phone mockup PSD. This way, you can reserve your effort to the actual design of your concept or digital product. You also need to make your presentation brief yet easy to understand. Most importantly, you have to make your concept relatable and attractive.

What makes a good mobile app?

There are so many kinds of mobile apps. There are apps that allow you to communicate, an app that allows you to order food and games. There are social media apps, online stores and so many more. With so many of them, you need a unique concept. It should be something that they haven’t seen before. Not only that, a good mobile app should be useful. If it’s not useful, then it should be entertaining.


Basically, creating a mobile app means attracting the mind and the heart of your target audience. It’s not enough that you just target one aspect. Since it’s called a mobile app, you also have to make sure that people will be able to use it while they are mobile. It should be convenient and accessible everywhere they are because that is exactly the beauty of the mobile app.


Lastly, you have to ensure that the price of the mobile app is competitive. You don’t want it to be too cheap because it might take long to recover the expenses during development. You also can’t make it too expensive that people will not buy it. Get to know some of the best mobile apps in the market.

Mobile App Presentation Through Phone Mockup PSD

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Mobile App Presentation Through Phone Mockup PSD

So you have a great mobile application concept. How do you make sure people will get behind it? You need a convincing presentation with the Phone mockup PSD.

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