Devshop March

Meteor Göteborg


  • Dinner
  • Intro and updates – Tim
  • How to install your Meteor (cool) app on your own server. – Mickaël
  • App demonstrations by
    • Tim – Burnout
      Patrik Göthe
      Tim – Keybox 
      (Andreas Rolén) 
      Tim – Signatures 
      Tim – Vasaloppsvädret

Updates to Meteor

  • Better performance in the build tool
  • Support for version free metadata updates in packages
  • New long-form package description
  • 4,259 developers joined 134 meetups on Meteor Day last year
  • 4,255 packages
  • 256,000 unique installations


Meteor is a complete open source platform
for building web and mobile apps
in pure JavaScript.

Exciting new talks

Exiting new packages

Tips on great packages

Updates to GBG

  • 146 members (up ~45 since Meteor Day)
  • Hard work, much things going on


  • Tim is giving a Meteor talk at Future of Web Apps in London this fall
  • We're planning a Meteor Workshop during #gbgtechWeek in May. Same week as GBG Startup Hack.
  • Meteor+Search Hackathon in the pipe after the summer (possibly august).

Devshop March 2015

By Tim Brandin

Devshop March 2015

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