be on stage in time
or little before

how to
mess up
giving a talk?

introduce yourself
and build empathy

have your topic
in mind or at notes

watch your audience
and pay attention

don't forget
your slides 

maybe don't use

the super awesome

slide tool

use high contrast
for the text

don't read
from your slides

or don't put too much content on one slide, because the audience might not listen to you anymore while reading the content.

only some words suit a slide best and will help to stay focussed

have the laptop battery charged

use purresome
cat pictures

be careful
with details

check the level

of knowledge

don't ignore

give a talk

and mess

it up!


Tobias Hartmann  @Toh_82

How to mess up talking on a stage

By Tobias Hartmann

How to mess up talking on a stage

There are already a lot of great articles and talks about how to give a talk or to collect topics for a talk. With this one, I'll not raise the number of those but want to demonstrate what happens if things go/done wrong. While it is more or less a fun talk, I'll give some very useful hints on how to prepare yourself for a talk and to give a talk.

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