How to solve the Rubiks Cube


Basic Knowledge


Blindfolded solving (abbreviated BLD) is the discipline of memorizing the position a puzzle is in and then solving it without looking at it again. The times for these events must include both the memorization stage and the solving ('execution') stage.

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World Record

Guess the current World Record (as of Aug. '15)?

21.17 Seconds!

Common Misconceptions

You have to memorize the color-pattern

  • You rather remember where each piece belongs
  • You convert these positions to letters
  • Then you convert those letters to words
  • And you end up with 10-15 words to memorize

You have to store a lot of information

Cool, One-handed goes to Jehova.

A lot of Greeks take nuts.

Let's play Soccer.

This isn't a lot.

In fact, this is an average memorization for solving a cube blindfolded.




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