How I manage docker with

What everyboby(I) wants

  • Visualization
  • Operability
  • Portable
  • Web UI
  • Multi-host support
  • (Maybe) I18n

Command-line for geek

And Seagull for users


  • 100% open source(1k+ stars)
  • Full feature with docker APIs
  • Manage images/containers
  • Run as docker container
  • Monitor cup/memory 
  • Multi-host support
  • English, Chinese, German, French...
friendly web ui for docker

Easy to run

docker run -d -p 10086:10086 -v /var/run/docker.sock:/var/run/docker.sock tobegit3hub/seagull

Easy to use

Just one-click to start/stop/delete containers or delete images

Best practice tool

  • Start the Web UI locally with no effort
  • I can view all the status of containers 
  • Deleting container or image isn't painful
  • Filtering the containers for better usage
  • Super fast(<10ms) for searching
  • Full feature of docker client, written in go

Now support I18n





Now support multi-host

Manage docker machines in one UI

Now monitor performance

With latest 1.7 remote APIs to monitor CPU/Mem/Network

Feel free to manage docker



How I manage docker with seagull

By Toby Chan

How I manage docker with seagull

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