Computer Science and beyond 

Tony Thomas

04 July 2016, after lunch

1999 - 2012, Marygiri Senior Secondary School 

'Why am I here ?'

'What is Tony doing here, anyway ?'

'I am not going to take Computer Science anyway, leave me :('

'I play lot of games on my PC, maybe this might be interesting for me'

'Is Tony going to brainwash me to take CS' :o

Before I start, few special Thanks


  • Our Principal, Br. Varkey P T - for all the inspiration and classes 
  • Mr. Goutam - for pushing me to take CS Engineering & inviting me here 
  • Mr. Deepu Joseph - for recommending Amrita University
  • Mr. Vincent Philip - for all those Computer classes since 3rd standard. 
  • Mr. Abhilash, Mr. Deepesh, Ms. Rini, Mr. Gemini, Mr. Robin Joseph - for all those wonderful XI and XII memories. 
  • and to every other teacher (KG to XII), who pushed me all the way till this moment. 


Statuary warning

  1. Alcohol/drug/smoke is injurious to your health, kills your brain. 

  2. cannabis/ganja/stash users - you are going to lose your memory soon :(

ശ്വാസകോശം സ്പോന്ജ് പോലെയാണ്

About Me

  • Bachelors in Computer Science and Engineering from Amrita University, Amritapuri Campus. 
  • Will be leaving for my Masters in Internet Technology and Architecture, this October ../\.. 


Amrita University

  • 2012 pass out, part of the Jubiants batch
  • Had learnt karate, bharathanatyam, and life from here
  • Team of 3 did some presentation works here! 

In between

(the showoff slide)

  • Became active in the Computer Club at my University 
  • Internship with Google in 2014 (GSoC) & invited by the Wikimedia Foundation to the US, Europe and Israel. 
  • Mentored a handful, took workshops here and there, GSoC Mentor 2015, Org admin 2016 with Wikimedia Foundation

About Me

(the not-showoff slide)

Why am I here

"Inspire a ruthless crowd to do programming ?"

"Show them the need for practicing daily"

"Why students should join the Computer Club here"

My Apologies

"I will be talking like you all love Computers and might love to utilize your free time working on that - not playing games. "

What are students outside doing ?

HINT: Yo're going to compete with them

Participate in various hackathons, programs

winning trips, goodies 

Writing code that are globally used. 

Before they hit university, they are best in the class

What are students outside doing ?

HINT: This is not going to work :D

Let me Introduce

  • Type: Open Source code/documentation 
  • Age Group: 13 - 17 
  • Winners: Trip to SFO with parents & Google goodies 
  • Junior InCTF camp
  • Type: Cyber Security
  • Age Group: 13 - 17 
  • Winners: Raspberry Pi, Laptops, etc                
  • Lord of Code
  • Type: Competitive Programming
  • Age Group: 13 - 17 
  • Winners: Gadgets worth 3Lakh INR               

You know what is required

Practise, Daily!

Computer Club

  • Interested students should stay back a bit more after class hours. 
  • Should start using Linux softwares, closing all windows! 
  • Think about spending your weekends here ? :o
  • Should learn Python, start working on assignments 
  • Multitask everything with your studies, and earn good grades too 
  • Participate in international hackathons, making your parents proud 
  • Learn web, programming and application development.

Let me introduce

Ananay Arora. Now in XI

Started with computers as young as age=3 

Couple of visits to the US, for hackathons at this age

Thank You

Computer Science and beyond

By Tony Thomas

Computer Science and beyond

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