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Can anything be done in

3 hours ?

  • First 5 mins - Why am I here ?
  • Next 15 mins - Introduction to MediaWiki software, how to contribute. 
  • Then 2 hour 40 mins - Setup MediaWiki in your machine, talk more while cloning. 


  • CS final year student at Amrita University
  • Active FOSS@Amrita member 
  • Develops in PHP, Python 
  • Considerable amount ( ~200 ) bug fix since 2013 
  • GSoC 2014 student with Wikimedia, project deployed
  • Mentored GSoC 2015 with Wikimedia Foundation 
  • GSoC 2016 & Outreachy'12  org admin with Wikimedia 
  • Invited to talk at SFO, Lyon, Wikimania 2015 ( Mexico ), Jerusalem ( March 2016 ) 
  • Co - founded ThinkFOSS ( )

def show_off( self ):

Usually, its

but, lets stick to


we start

  • Git -Version control system for collaborative development                
  • Mediawiki - Open Source wiki software, on which run the Wikipedia                
  • Wikimedia Foundation - The organization which maintains MediaWiki and ~1000 popular wikis                 
  • IRC - Internet Relay Chat, where developers hang out                
  • Bug - issue in code which needs a patch                
  • Patch - code change, which fix something                 
  • GSoC - Paid Internship sponsored by Google                
  • Outreachy - GSoC.remove(males);

My goals for this 3 hours

  • Get more people contributing to Open Source projects
  • Increase GSoC/Outreachy selects rate from Kerala

your take ...

  • Know a bit of how to contribute to MediaWiki
  • Read instructions, follow commands, fix issues coming up  ( setting up MediaWiki in your machine )
  • Even fix a bug ( in 3 hours ? yeah ) 

How to contribute

Warning : Boring slides ahead

There are loads of ways to contribute

Fixing code, Documentation, Quality assurance, Outreach, Design etc. etc.

Open Source projects

  • Code available for public to alter
  • alteration made to public code - patch
  • Maintainers review, merge and  verify  patch
  • Next release got the patch







Any minimum requirements ?

  • Find and get answers from Google
  • Should be cool with the project language
  • Be super expressive, ask questions in text


IRC Channels



if stuck:

Few things you need to know...

before you start off

How can others know

I am working on this bug  ?

Do I have to find

bugs on my own ?

How can someone review my works,

and test if I did it wrong ?


  • Bug tracker 
  • Developed by Facebook 


  • Code Review Tool 
  • Developed by Google


Find bug

Fix it

send patch


Get it





Gets merged


mw has your patch

Now its time to 

read instructions and follow

Contributing to MediaWiki

By Tony Thomas

Contributing to MediaWiki

3 hour workshop at NIT Calicut

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