Welcome to FOSS@Amrita

Statuary warning

  1. Alcohol/drug/smoke is injurious to your health, kills your brain. 

  2. cannabis/ganja/stash users - you are going to lose your memory soon :(

ശ്വാസകോശം സ്പോഞ്ജ്  പോലെയാണ്

Why are we here!

  • to introduce you to the FOSS club
  • fill out the induction form, in case you are interested 
  • clarify anything, if exists! 

We live as a family, and we love being here!

A brief intro to the club 

  • 9 year old club
  • started as Sun Club, back in 2007
  • Mostly CSE, and nowadays ECE students too! 
  • Have our alumni in top companies like Google, Amazon or pursuing masters/PhD in top Universities in US/EU

Helping alumni + self learning + platform + technology = our club! 

Why this induction program ?

  • We have better mentors this year 
  • dropping_out.reduce()
  • We want you to do programs like GSoC, this very first year \m/

Those who don't know about GSoC, should Google and find out!  

The induction process

25 July, 2016: Intro, and you people filling out the form

26 July, 2016: Selected applicants list published inCIR notice board! 

check if you have filled in everything right

See if you are interested genuinely

The interview process

From 27 July, 2016: Interview starts after 2:40 pm

From 29 July, if lucky - see you in the FOSS lab!

Talk about what you did in the past

See if you are interested genuinely

Thats it!

What you will be doing ?

  • Do web related things, basics
  • Do bit of competitive programming, secure coding, bit of android!  
  • Learn Python, Linux!
  • Get to know web frameworks like DJango 

First year! 

Apply for GSoC 

  • Do systems programming, algorithm implementations 
  • Breaking and developing applications
  • make yourself industry ready!
  • build your CV!

Second year

FOSS@Amrita introduction

By Tony Thomas

FOSS@Amrita introduction

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