Python-Django workshop 

ThinkFOSS web team

Day 1, Live at SCET, Thrissur

General Introduction

3 days 


to 4pm   

Web devlopment


this is my message

$ whoami

mild showoff

  • CS undergrad student at Amrita University 
  • Active member of FOSS@Amrita - our club
  • Develops web in Python and PHP 

mediocre showoff

  • Considerable ( ~ 200 ) bug fixes to Mediawiki since 2013
  • GSoC 2014 student with Wikimedia, project deployed 
  • Mentored for GSoC 2015 with Wikimedia Foundation 

more showoff

  • Outreachy'11 organization admin, Wikimedia Foundation
  • Invited to talk at SFO, Lyon & to Wikimania ( Mexico ) 
  • Organization admin for GSoC 2016, Wikimedia Foundation
  • Co-Founded ThinkFOSS ( ) 

$ groups

ThinkFOSS web team

  • Final year CS Undergrads, Amrita University
  • The Python-Django team 
  • Develops web for fun and profit

python experince

  1. wrote and deployed
  2. wrote and deployed
  3. wrote and deployed

The Django Framework

  1. wrote Rest API's for an IOT infrastructure

Tornado Framework

Torture Agenda

want beginner friendly web framework workshop, for different batches of Computer Science who had not taken any Python Add-on courses before. 

students should get to know about opportunities in Open Source like Google Summer of Code, Outreachy etc. 

Before we start ..

  • Git - version control system used to track progress in Open Source development
  • Web frontend - what you see in your browser
  • Web backend - your db connections, data retrieval, storing
  • Web Framework - Mature library which makes web development easy
  • Python Django - rapid web development framework
  • IRC - place where developers hang out

What we will be doing

  • Learn how to develop web the bad way 
  • Get to know how to do it in a better way 
  • Get to know about various opportunities awaiting CS undergrads  

or more specifically ..

By the end of day 1.. 

  • Understand how web development works
  • Understand and use git 
  • Understand MVC Frameworks! 
  • Setup and fire Django in your machine  
  • Use templates, complete simple sign in and registration
  • Take a look at the admin site :) 

and by the end of day 2.. 

  • Check out some generic views
  • Add these to your website 
  • Implement OAuth \m/ 

and finally before we leave.. 

  • Check out how a search engine can work
  • Implement a search engine in your web application
  • Some basic debugging, and if Lucky - RESTAPI's 

what is your take ?

  • be a star in your organization
  • join some open source org/start your own

surely, you can ..

  • contribute to Open Source projects
  • Participate in GSoC/Outreachy round 
  • Travel abroad having fun



and maybe one day ..

  • Improve your web development skills 
  • Understand an MVC framework 
  • an immediate addition to your CV

Lets get started

join #django-scet

Django Workshop, day 1 - intro

By Tony Thomas

Django Workshop, day 1 - intro

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