Google Code In

with Amrita Vidyalayam

Welcome Questions!

  • Why am I here ?
  • What is Google Code In anyway ?
  • Will anyone ever do such thing ?
  • How will I get this done in my school ?
  • Too much of load for my students ?
  • Will my students benefit out of it ?
  • In 3 days, what can be changed ?

Google Code In

  • Funded by Google for students ( 13 - 17 ) aged 
  • Complete 'tasks' for projects to earn T-Shirts, Certificates, Hooded sweatshirts and skill !
  • 2 Grand prize winners from each organization gets GRAND PRIZE to CALIFORNIA with parents
  • 15 Organizations and loads of tasks

Dec 7, 2015 to

 January 25, 2016

Google Code In





Quality Assurance
User Interface

'Tasks' are meant for students, dont worry!


Why this Training NOW ?

  • 1 month to go - we got limited time
  • Participation of Kerala students very low
  • Students deprived of opportunity 
  • INDIA need better Computer Engineers who know to code 
  • Would be a huge addition to school records

Why this Training NOW ?

Performance of students outside India is incomparable





Is it already Happening ?


why not 


What is happening in schools now ?

  • Undirected student clubs
  • Excess priority given to arts and games ( not the situation with Amritavidyalayam ) 
  • Difficult to handle a club, without affecting the student academics

What we have in store for you :) 

3 Days

What we have in store for you :) 

1/3 Day

  • Various techniques to get help from the internet 
  • Etiquette and Netiquettes in internet communication 
  • Basic of Web programming and building a good looking website
  • Chat with Google Code In Program Manager - Ms. Stephanie Taylor





What we have in store for you :) 

2/3 Day

  • Chat with Wikimedia Google Code in admin - Andre Klapper
  • Getting familiar with the Linux terminal
  • Understanding Git to make your life easy
  • Hacking more on Git 
  • Blog for fun





What we have in store for you :) 

3/3 Day

  • Hosting your own PHP code, reading and pushing to a code-base
  • Open source contribution workflow clone, fork and push
  • Games on effective Google-ing
  • Getting your code merged with pull request





After 15 October

  • Get two or more students interested in Computer Science ( XI students preferred ) 
  • Connect us with them ( via IRC ) or help them setup their machine to take part in GCI
  • Give them a helping hand, and guide them till they fix their first bug! 
  • Send them back to us later for the second edition of GCI training :) 

After 15 October - School clubs

  • Fire-walled internet connection in Computer labs
  • Interested students can stay back for 1 to 2 hour daily in lab 
  • Installing Ubuntu/Linux in Computer lab machines ( dual-boot safely ) 
  • Weekly video conference with our FOSS club for mentoring 

Thank You! 

Have a nice time

Google Code In Training for Amrita Vidyalayam - 1

By Tony Thomas

Google Code In Training for Amrita Vidyalayam - 1

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