Wikimedia Hackathon, IIT R 

[12 March, 2016; 10 am to 8 pm]

Tony Thomas

Few official details

Official event page - 

IRC channel

#wmhackiitr in

Facebook events



What we can do in 10 hours ?

  • First 30 mins - why we are here, the perks 

  • Next 30 mins - MediaWiki code review process, making things happen 
  • Next 8 hours - hack, code, hack
  • Next 1 hour - Preparing for GSoC/Outreachy, strong proposals, etc! 

and I travel back to South

and one more thing .. free food :)


  • CS final year student here, came forward with this idea
  • Did her OPW with Wikimedia Foundation, in 2014 - developed the SpellingDictionary extension for Mediawiki
  • Google Anita Borg Scholarships, Red hat Women in Open Source academic award finalist, etc etc. 
  • Google Code In 2015 mentor, representing Wikimedia at FOSSASIA, Singapore
  • Still sticks around with the Foundation!

Ankita Shukla


  • CS final year student at Amrita University
  • Active FOSS@Amrita member 
  • Develops in PHP, Python ( Django, Tornado )  
  • Considerable amount ( ~200 ) bug fix since 2013 
  • GSoC 2014 student with Wikimedia, project deployed
  • Mentored GSoC 2015 with Wikimedia Foundation 
  • GSoC 2016 & Outreachy'12  org admin with Wikimedia 
  • Invited to WMF events at SFO, Lyon, Jerusalem, Italy
  • Co - founded ThinkFOSS ( )

def show_off( self ):

Where are you right now ?

Installed LAMP in your machine

have followed inhuman Gerrit Tutorial

have MedaiWiki running in your machine 

What we will be doing later from now ?

find and fix bugs in MediaWiki codebase


we start

  • Git -Version control system for collaborative development                              
  • Mediawiki - Open Source wiki software, on which run the Wikipedia                              
  • Wikimedia Foundation - The organization which maintains MediaWiki and ~1000 popular wikis                                
  • IRC - Internet Relay Chat, where developers hang out                                
  • Bug - issue in code which needs a patch                               
  • Patch - code change, which fix something                                 
  • GSoC - Paid Internship sponsored by Google                                
  • Outreachy - GSoC.remove(males)

Our goals for this 10 hours

  • Get more students contributing to Open Source projects, and Mediawiki, and push them to internship programs like Outreachy and GSoC

your take ...

  • Know a bit of how to contribute to MediaWiki
  • Fix your first bug to MediaWiki codebase
  • Preparing your proposals, get to know how to be the strong candidate

and maybe one day ...

  • star in your organization, join one
  • redeem various other opportunities while sticking around

How to contribute

Warning: Boring slides ahead

There are loads of ways to contribute

Fixing code, Documentation, Quality assurance, Outreach, Design, Localization etc. etc.

Open Source projects

  • Code available for public to alter
  • alteration made to public code - patch
  • Maintainers review, merge and  verify  patch
  • Next release got the patch







Any minimum requirements ?

  • Mindset to search and find answers from Google
  • Should be cool with the project language
  • Be super expressive, ask questions in text


IRC Channels



if stuck:

Few things you need to know...

before you start off

How can others know

I am working on this bug  ?

Do I have to find

bugs on my own ?

How can someone review my works,

and test if I did it wrong ?


  • Bug tracker 
  • Developed by Facebook 


  • Code Review Tool 
  • Developed by Google


Find bug

Fix it

send patch


Get it





Gets merged


mw has your patch

That's it!

Lets start finding and fixing bugs :)

Wikimedia Hackathon at IIT R

By Tony Thomas