DebConf India 2021

Why India?

The strong local organisation team

Debian Team:

~ Pirate Praveen (DD)         ~ Kumar Appaiah (DD)
~ Sruthi Chandran (DD)      ~ Utkarsh Gupta (DM)
~ Abhijith PA (DD)               ~ Sagar Ippalpalli (DM)
~ Balasankar C  (DD)          ~ Raju Devidas (D?)
~ Kartik Mistry  (DD)           ~ ...

Free Software Enthusiasts:

Kannan, Ambady, Ranjith, Sakshi,

Anupa, Minto, Mangesh, Pranav, Kartik, Tarun, Siji, Balram, Syam, Joice, Manas, Akhil and many more

Mini DebConfs / DebUtsavs

Upcoming MiniDebConf Goa Sept 2019

➣ NITC FOSSMeet Calicut (since 2005)

➣ Swatantra

➣ 4CCon

GNUnify Pune

CoEP FOSSMeet Pune (since 2018)

➣ PyCon India (since 2009)

➣ FUDCon, Pune 2015  and 2011

➣ GNOME Asia 2016

➣ PyData Conference Delhi

➣ and many more




Other Free Software Events around India

Release Parties!



Release Parties!



FOSS Communities

Free Software Community of India




Mozilla India

Women Who Go


Rails Girls

Django Girls

And 100s more

Indians in DebConf(s)


Taiwan, 2018 ~ 4 people

Curitiba, 2019 ~ 7 people

In DebConf teams

Content Team ~ Utkarsh, Pranav
Bursary Team ~ Utkarsh
Video Team ~ Sruthi, Raju, Tarun
Front Desk ~ Sruthi
Welcome Team ~ Utkarsh

Volunteering ~ Everyone! :D

Is India affordable?

1 USD = ~70 INR

1 USD = 1 DebConf Glass Beer  \o/

1 Litre Water Bottle = 0.29 USD


4 star hotels, double occupancy around 50 USD


A wide variety of food available,
vegetarian, vegan, non-vegetarian, gluten-free;

You name it, you have it!

Here's a little preview:

Possible Locations


International Flight connectivity


See you all in India !!!!!!!!! 

DebConf 21 Bid

By utkarsh2102

DebConf 21 Bid

This presentation is for DebConf21's India's bid :)

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