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Let's Begin

What is an API?

What are Browser APIs

Common Browser API types

  • APIs for manipulating documents
  • APIs that fetch data from the server
  • APIs for drawing and manipulating graphics
  • Audio and Video APIs
  • Device APIs
  • Client-side storage APIs

How Browser API works


Entry points


Known Unknowns

  • Background Tasks API
  • Canvas API
  • Console  API
  • DOM
  • Fetch API
  • Geo-Location
  • History API
  • Storage API
  • Web Workers

Exciting APIs

  • Full-Screen API
  • Beacon API
  • Credential Management API
  • GamePads API
  • Media Stream API
  • Network Information API
  • Permission API
  • Proximity Events
  • Vibration API
  • WebGL API
  • WebRTC API
  • WebVTT API
  • WebXR API

Useful APIs

  • Page Visibility API
  • Payment API
  • Performance API
  • Push API
  • Drag&Drop API
  • Resize API
  • Service Worker API
  • Web Audio API
  • Notification API
  • WebSockets API

Phew! Lot of APIs

Browser APIs === Creativity

Thank you

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Browser APIs

By Vilva Athiban

Browser APIs

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