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Build DJ TurnTable with React / Apollo  & Prisma

- Vilva Athiban P B


About Me

- JavaScript Dev @ Omio

- OSS is

- GraphQL enthusiast

- All Social Platforms: Vilva Athiban

- And Lazy

What is GraphQL Subscription? 


- Real-Time Data

- Event-Based

- Unlike Queries / Mutations, Subscriptions use WebSockets



What are we gonna do now?

React + HTML5 Audio


Apollo Client - Consume Subscription

Prisma Service - GraphQL source

MySQL - DB to Store Data*

* - Pre-Built because I am lazy ;) 

Why Are we Gonna Build? 

You know the answer - "Because I am Lazy"

Let see some code

Let Start Building

Steps to Build it - (For my Reference)

  • Init, Change and Deploy Prisma Service
  • Run Mutation to add value
  • Test Subscription
  • Consume it
  • Reveal the last part

Key TakeAways

Nothing. Just Fun

Thank You


GraphQL Subscriptions

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