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- Vilva Athiban P B


About Me

- Platform team @ Omio

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- I love to be a nomad

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What are Native Modules


- Access a native platform API

- Can be created in Swift, Obj C, Java, Kotlin etc



What is Expo


Expo is a npm package that enables a suite of incredible features for React Native apps. The expo package can be installed in nearly any React Native project.

What are Expo Modules


Expo provides a set of APIs and utilities to improve the process of developing native modules for Expo and React Native and expand your app capabilities.

Why Expo Modules


- Better than RN Native Modules

- Kotlin & Swift only

- Type System

- Renderer-agnostic

Let Start Building

Steps to Build it - (For my Reference)

  • Remove unwanted files
  • Create iOS module
  • Fix the types
  • Consume it in the example

Android Life cycle Listeners 

iOS App delegate Subscribers

TurboModules, Fabric and Next steps 

Why Vilva delivers a talk?

  • Share knowledge
  • Networking
  • Adrenalin of Live coding

Thank You


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