Moving from JavaScript to ReasonML

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Why ReasonML

Reason lets you write simple, fast and quality type-safe code while leveraging both the JavaScript & OCaml ecosystems.

Why OCaml?

  • General purpose language (1996) used in critical systems
  • Facebook is using it in several projects (Flow)
  • Functional programming language with Hindler-Minler type system
  • Can be compiled to bytecode, native code or JS
  • Performance and compilation time is blazing fast

  • A language for writing React (first React prototypes were in SML)
  • While being functional it still has escape hatches
  • Amazing community
  • compiles === works
  • Amazing tooling in the language itself 

just take a look at JavaScript world

Show me the Syntax

Where is JS and how Reason compiles to it

Reason -> Bucklescript -> JS

Let's get started in VSCode

yarn add bs-platform@6.2.1 --dev --exact
yarn add reason-react --exact

Show me the IDE 😉

What about React?

Introducing ReasonML snippets VSCode extension

Let's convert create-react-app to ReasonML

Build full todo app frontend in ReasonML

Follow to build a frontend app 

Thank You


Moving from JS to ReasonML

By vladimirnovick

Moving from JS to ReasonML

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