Jeronimo's Lesson

Relative clauses and pronouns

Relative clauses

Nos da información sobre quién o a qué nos referimos cuando estamos hablando.

Parte de la oración.

William is the boy who works in the cinema with me.


  • WHO/THAT - Personas (people).

  • WHICH/THAT - Objetos (objects).

  • WHOSE - Posesión (un objeto pertenece a alguien más)

  • WHOM - Personas (people-formal situations)

  • WHERE - Lugares (places).

  • WHEN - Momentos (moments in time).

  • WHY - Razones (explanations).

Classify the relative pronouns

Defining relative clauses

Nos dan información ESENCIAL, sin la que no comprenderíamos de que o quien hablamos.

The girl who/that lives next door is a lawyer.

The book which/that I bought online is brilliant.

The boy whose family come from Japan is in my class this year.

I will never forget the day when I met my nephew for the first time.

That is the bakery where I got the chocolate cake yesteday.

The reason why Julia is crying is unknow.

The horse which Juan is riding is very friendly.

Non-defining relative clauses

Información extra de la que podemos prescindir. No es necesaria para saber de quien hablamos.

Usualmente va entre COMAS.

No usamos THAT si vemos la coma.

Camila, who won a medal last year, is going to take a part in the marathon.

My teacher, whose wife owns Pizza Hut, is a hard-working person.

The new film, which will be released in june, is about a group of teenagers.

This jacket, which I ordered online, is my mom's birthday present.

Jeronimo's Lesson. Class 6. Relative Clauses.

By Valentina Rodríguez Ramírez

Jeronimo's Lesson. Class 6. Relative Clauses.

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