Docker Boston

April 28th 2016


Flocker v1.11 with Docker Machine, Compose and Swarm

Ryan Wallner


Who am I

  • Ryan Wallner
  • Software Engineer turned advocate
  • Evangelist for ClusterHQ
  • Previsouly at EMC and IBM

Flocker by ClusterHQ

  • Distributed Volume Manager
  • Integrates in the middle
    • Plugs northbound into Docker, Swarm, Mesos, Kubernetes
    • Plugs southbound into your favorite existing storage provider
  • Automates
    • provisioning
    • movement
    • failover
    • docker volumes

Flocker by ClusterHQ

Flocker v1.11

  • RHEL Support
  • Performance Improvements
  • Container Agent is optional
  • GCE Backend Support
  • Open vStorage Support

Flocker Demo

with Docker Swarm, Compose, and Machine

  • Provision Docker machines on AWS with Swarm, Consul, and Flocker.
  • Demo Multi-host Stateful Cassandra and Redis failover


Pre-recorded Demo

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By Ryan Wallner