Ryan Wallner

SE / Evangelist @ ClusterHQ


Who am i

  • Software Engineer turned advocate
  • Evangelist for ClusterHQ
  • Previsouly at EMC and IBM

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  • Drop into Booth #G9 (demo schedule posted on @ClusterHQ twitter)


  • Talk Sessions

    Monday, 6/20 4:25pm

"Enabling enterprise storage for containers" w/ Dell

Tuesday, 6/21 4:15pm

“Everything You Need to Know About Docker and Storage”


FLocker by ClusterhQ

  • Distributed Volume Manager
  • Integrates in the middle
    • Plugs northbound into Docker, Swarm, Mesos, Kubernetes
    • Plugs southbound into your favorite existing storage provider
  • Automates
    • provisioning
      • ​mount
      • umount
      • mkfs
    • movement
      • ​attach/detach
    • failover
    • docker volumes

*not all plugins listed


Demo Setup

UCP + Flocker Volume Management on EC2 using EBS.


  • Export some env variables.
  • multihost-flocker-aws-for-ucp.sh
  • multihost-flocker-aws-add-ucp-control.sh
  • Add your license.
  • multihost-flocker-aws-add-ucp-nodes.sh
  • multihost-flocker-aws-add-ucp-multihostnet.sh
NAME             ACTIVE   DRIVER       STATE     URL                         SWARM   DOCKER    ERRORS
mha-aws-consul   -        amazonec2    Running   tcp://             v1.11.2
mha-aws-demo0    -        amazonec2    Running   tcp://             v1.11.2
mha-aws-demo1    -        amazonec2    Running   tcp://              v1.11.2
mha-aws-demo2    -        amazonec2    Running   tcp://            v1.11.2

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Docker NYC

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