Regardless of your age, physical therapy can be useful for a range of problems and help improve a person's overall health and quality of life. If you have difficulty walking, standing or moving, physiotherapy can help you get the help you need.


Physical therapy can help strengthen the body and improve movement after injury or surgery. Patients with arthritis or who require hip, knee or other joint replacements can, for example, seek physical therapy to recover from surgery.


Physical therapy can help alleviate the symptoms of many chronic diseases and illnesses. It can prevent many problems from getting worse.

When it comes to certain injuries, the best way to heal is through physical therapy. Physical therapy is a special form of rehabilitation that focuses on the treatment, prevention and treatment of disorders. Some disorders are associated with mobility and physical function.


We all rely on physical strength every day. If you find that you have lost some of your formative powers, physiotherapy can help.

Here are the best fysiotherapie Bussum:


1. Alpha Fysiotherapie

2. Spieghel Fysiotherapie

3. Aktiefysio

4. Fysiotherapiepraktijk van Doorn

5. Fysiotherapie Overdevest

6. Fysiotherapie Randweg


Best Physical Therapy in Bussum

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Best Physical Therapy in Bussum

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