The process of tracking sales may seem cumbersome and unnecessary, but it is actually a valuable activity. Proper sales tracking gives you the insight you need to connect with potential customers. Sales tracking software allows you to use the same powerful data for your own customer contacts and sales plans.


Sales tracking gives you a better understanding of how potential customers talk to you and informs you when there are specific issues in your sales process. When you see how the entire marketing and sales funnel works throughout, you can better understand bottlenecks and implement strategies to eliminate them. These data points will give you a picture of the entire customer journey, and you will be smarter about the hypotheses you create and the tests you perform.

If recurring revenue is part of your business model, customer loyalty is paramount. Not only that, but also the satisfaction of your new customers is crucial if you want to gain brand awareness and word of mouth. Best-in-class sales tracking software improves the customer satisfaction in many ways. 


It does not matter if you are a small local company or a national company, sales tracking via the best sales apps is important. Tracking your business sales shows you how successful or unsuccessful your sales process has been and how much profit has been made from each sale.

Best Sales Management Apps for Sales Tracking:


1. Twib

2. Nutshell

3. SalesRabbit

4. Salesforce

5. EngageBay

6. Pipedrive

7. FreshSales

Best Sales Management Apps for Sales Tracking

By warnerdavis

Best Sales Management Apps for Sales Tracking

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