If you are an experienced manager applying for your first managerial position, you should expect to be subjected to stricter tests during the application process. In an increasing number of industries, candidates are subjected to psychometric tests to perform pre-judgments as well as during the actual interview.


When it is time to discuss your achievements in your self-assessment, providing hard data showing how you have worked over the years can be beneficial. Employees and executives already know how well you did, but concrete figures to back up these claims will reinforce the validity of the management assessment.

Global estimates suggest that these tests are used in 72% of middle management positions and 80% of senior positions, compared to 59% for entry-level positions. The older the role, the more likely employers are to use reviews to identify candidates with the right attributes and skills.


When applying for a leadership position, you can expect to run into a variety of assessment tests before hiring. The tests vary according to position and job level in the company, but the most common management assessments are cognitive skills, situational judgment and personality tests. Read on to learn more about each type of test. Cognitive tests of managers measure the ability to use important thought processes to solve occupational problems.

Strict time constraints are an additional difficulty. The more you practice with the exam papers, the more familiar you become with the questions and the exam format. Familiarity will lead to more confident responses.

Management Assessment Interview Questions:


How do you motivate a team?

What's your management style?

How do you see a manager's role on a team?

Give an example of a time you initiated change.

Describe one of your failures as a manager.

How do you make important decisions?

How do you recognise/reward success?

Give an example of how you work to achieve targets within a tight time frame.

What has been your biggest success as a manager?

Tell me about a time when you led by example.

Management Interview Questions

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Management Interview Questions

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