Challenge your brain and test your memorization skills

Ever did This?

  • ID No?
  • Contact No?
  • Birth Day?
  • Time?
  • What am I supposed to remember??
  • ...
  • and so on

Try Brainiac

  • boost up your memory
  • Increase your instant Memorization capability
  • Brain activity and response enhancement


  • Full featured game with 4 buttons and digit patterns
  • Play with friends and foes
  • Beat your own scores
  • Get a good rank on the Leader Board and show off your skills
  • app remembers you!

Game Play

  • Look at the Pattern Carefully
  • Try to memorize it
  • Pattern Disappears after 3 seconds!
  • Try to press them Sequentially
  • done? Good job! try the next one
  • Failed? Better luck next time!

Home Screen


Game Play

Game Over Screen

Score updated instantly

Pattern visible for 3 sec

Change User

Leader Board

Help is available!


Game's Source Code available at github:


By Wasi Mohammed Abdullah


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