How to choose bedding for a newborn

The birth of a child is a great happiness for every parent. At the same time, it is very important that the baby feels comfortable in bed, because most of his time he is in it.

It is necessary to correctly choose bedding for a newborn in order to provide the child with a sweet dream and a comfortable pastime on the crib as advise on comfortersetreviews.

What criteria should be used to select it?

Colors and patterns:

This factor depends on the style in which the interior of the children's room is created. But when choosing the color and design of linen with drawings and patterns, certain criteria and rules must be taken into account. As for color tones, pastel, slightly neutral options are always ideal, which do not unnecessarily excite the baby and create an ideal environment for sleeping.

Simply put, choosing color shades:

  • give preference to delicate tones: beige, pink, sand, blue, ocher, peach or sand;
  • keep in mind that bright colors that create sharp contrast excite the nervous system. They do not contribute to the calm state of the child and his rest;
  • remember that color options such as black, gray or purple can be depressing for the child. Therefore, they cannot be used.

If we talk about drawings, then they:

  • should not be too pronounced, for the same reason as the color shades, it is better that the images are quite noticeable, but not too "cut" the eyes. It is also important that the drawings are not out of harmony with the basic tones of the bedding;
  • can illustrate stories of fairy tales and characters of popular and favorite cartoons. This option will be the best option for slightly older kids, from 1.5 to 3-5 years old. Children will feel more comfortable surrounded by their favorite cartoon characters.

Toddler Bedding Material

This is one of the most important factors when choosing a bedding set. It should be:

  • high quality. Bed linen should not "collect" dust, electrify and wear out quickly;
  • hygienic. Many modern fabrics, linen and cotton, meet this criterion;
  • hypoallergenic. The child should not experience allergic reactions with constant contact with linen. Therefore, it is better not to use synthetic options, but to purchase linen only from natural materials.
  • durable and easy to clean. Bed linen must be suitable for long-term use. It is constantly erased, but at the same time, a good kit should retain its original beautiful appearance, not to mention the general condition.

What material should the bedding for newborns be made of?

As already mentioned, natural fabric should be used - cotton. Such underwear does not collect moisture and is antibacterial. It is hygienic and does not cause allergic reactions in babies.

Let's consider the main options of fabrics from which these sets of underwear can be made.

  • Calico. It is a very popular material for babies' beds. Such fabric is durable, environmentally friendly, hygienic and lightweight. At the same time, it retains its original appearance for a long time and is reasonably affordable.
  • Satin. A silky surface with a soft sheen, smooth and shiny - these properties characterize this fabric by consumers. Satin is also a natural material with excellent strength and high density. It can withstand several hundred washes, retaining its shades and beautiful appearance.
  • Poplin. It is a soft fabric that is pleasant to the body. It allows air to pass through, retains heat and absorbs moisture. Most poplin varieties have a characteristic beautiful sheen. Such fabric is very similar in characteristics to satin or calico, but has a more attractive cost to consumers. Bed linen made from this material is very popular in the EU and America.

How to choose bedding for a newborn

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How to choose bedding for a newborn

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