Tooling is awesome

An intro to npm & webpack

Will Klein

What's so exciting?

Reasons to Tool

  • Necessity
  • Developer happiness
  • Oh yeah, it's fun!

So where do we begin?


a package manager for JavaScript


NOT just for Node.js


it can run tasks too


a  module bundler


takes modules with dependencies


generates static assets representing those modules

Get started with NPM

  • comes with Node.js
  • npm init builds a package.json
  • npm install <some-package-name>
  • puts stuff in node_modules/

Live CLI!

Get started with Webpack

  • > npm install webpack --save-dev
  • add entry.js (JavaScript)
  • add webpack.config.js (options)
  • > webpack ./entry.js bundle.js

Live CLI!

What else?



Tooling is Awesome

By Will Klein

Tooling is Awesome

HTML5 Denver, Feb 16, 2015

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