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  • User Timing API: because performance matters

  • Micro Frontend in Angular Apps

    The talk is sharing some common issues that happens in some projects and how to solve them. We start them with the goal of validate the business and after that we realise we have to improve the application. In some points the pages are so coupled that's hard to deliver fast, do it with proper confidence or even scale the project page by page having lot of benefits, such as start resilient decoupled applications! Even though examples are in Angular, the principles apply to any frontend framework.

  • Data-Driven Frontend Components and the New Jira Navigation

    In large frontend codebases, concise components are the key for the success of your application. Decisions can be done based on the user journey: better ways to improve performance by code-splitting, memory consumption, flexibility or even A/B testing. What if we can use a data-driven approach in a component level and mitigating any possible risk involved? In this talk, I will share my experience and decisions using hypothesis and data-driven development effectively to release the new navigation in Jira, the most famous project management in the world! How to use some component patterns for A/B testing, performance and bundle size improvements and all the journey around the new navigation in Jira.

  • The Progressive S.E.O. guide for PWA’s

    Having you ever had any S.E.O. in your project? How to make the crawlers happy and don’t be punished in your PWA? Server-side rendering? JSON-LD? Lazy loading? Metadata? How all these things can help you in your journey? In this talk, I will share my experience and decisions improving some S.E.O. aspects in several frontend applications, how to do checks based in some data, best practices in your NG-App and more that make your product rock on Google Searches.

  • Angular Components: Decoupled, Shared, Reusable & OpenSource

    Are you working with a big Angular component based application? Components are the best way to share your code across web apps, having extreme importance for the success of your project, but how to start? How to validate if you are really doing great sharing your components thinking in something decoupled and reusable? In this talk we will learn how to contribute to the NG-Ecosystem sharing your components, how to improve and share modules between applications, manage code quality, semantic versioning and more that makes your life easier and productive.

  • Micro Frontend: A Microservice Architecture from your frontend WebApps

    Are you working with a big Frontend application and you are facing some problems in your project? Do you want migrate your frontend from another framework or library and don’t know how? Don't you know how to manage different layers of complexity in your application or share these components between applications? In this talk, I will share my experience and decisions creating micro frontend applications, how to manage quality, deployment and more that makes your team deliver more valuable features giving you the power to migrate, improve, evolve and experiment in your product.

  • Domain Listing Details: from monolith to microfrontend

  • Docker for Devs

    Let's share some content about Docker? :)

  • Frontend area and jobs in Australia

    Let's share some thoughts about "Frontendland" here in Australia :)

  • Flow type system: From Facebook to your PWA

    Do you want to know some tips and tricks to migrate in your application from the "typed world"? In this talk, I will share some points about Flow, a static type checker for JavaScript built by Facebook. Flow has some good features for checking types by inference rather than just by annotation and how it compares with other solutions, such as TypeScript.

  • Best practices for shared modules in Angular

    Are you working with a big Angular application with shared components? Don't you know how to manage or share these components between applications? How to start and validate if you are really doing great sharing your components thinking in something decoupled and reusable? In this talk, I will share my experience and decisions about improvements sharing modules between applications, how to manage code quality, semantic versioning and more that makes our team deliver more valuable features.

  • Nodebots Workshop

  • Node Ninjas Lightning Talk: Nodebots: javascript and robotic in the real world

  • Frontend Tests: What nobody said to you

    Do you have an application with good code coverage, but with lots of bugs or with no good code coverage at all? How to start and validate if you are adding to a good test? What about performance in tests? In this talk I will share my experience and decisions about improvements in our test architecture, talking about how to change a product codebase with some problems such as improve the lack of trust in your tests, track and remove flaky and coupled tests, improve the setup / maintainability / evolution and how some standards, validations and more that makes our team deliver more valuable features.

  • Frontend evolution on 1st wagering WebApp in Australia

    In this talk I will share a success case of how we changed a coupled, hard to maintain/evolve codebase and some actions for tracking its real problems. How tracking performance, code coverage, pain points and other topics helped us in the journey to evolve the platform and the next improvement steps.

  • AngularJS: the next steps

    When you started your application with AngularJS 1 and knows about the Angular 2 your reaction was panic? So this talk is for you! What’s the approach that I can use? In this talk I will share my project experience and decisions about the migration: What is being good, patterns that can be helpful, solved problems, tests, maintainability and other aspects to create a agnostic frontend application. Know more about the news that comes with Angular 2, concepts, facilities, new challenges and the reason for AngularJS be an excellent framework for all platforms

  • Cross platforms desktop with ElectronJS

    Why desktop apps? ElectronJS really works? And about performance? This presentation will talk about these aspects and others using a real case and explain how the BuildCheckerApp, a desktop application to check CI/CD server build statuses, was created! Know about the good and the bad parts, tips and tricks and more about the framework created by GitHub and designed to make building great desktop applications easier.

  • Performance com AngularJS

    Sua aplicação AngularJS está lenta? Como otimizar a performance? Combinar outras tecnologias como workaround são paliativos, pois não resolvem o problema. Nessa palestra, entenda conceitos do núcleo do AngularJS e várias técnicas para aumentar o desempenho de suas aplicações web. Vamos explorar conceitos fundamentais como o ciclo de vida do $rootScope e como funciona o dirty checking, assim como $compile, $watch e $emit. Veremos também boas práticas ao utilizar diretivas, filters, services e outros componentes do framework. Outro ponto abordado é a utilização de paradigmas e patterns assíncronos para melhorar o desempenho de suas aplicações. Por fim, veremos boas práticas, como melhorar os nossos testes unitários e end-to-end, discutiremos conceitos de lazy web e conheceremo ferramentas que podem nos ajudar nesta tarefa.

  • Começando o desenvolvimento de WebApps com

  • O futuro dos WebApps com AngularJS 2

    AngularJS é um framework javascript construído e mantido pelo grupo de engenheiros do Google, ele usa o HTML como uma "template engine" aliado a conceitos de Orientação a Objetos, testes, dentre outros, no intuito de fornecer uma solução completa para o client-side de sua aplicação. Além disso tem total compatibilidade com as bibliotecas javascript mais utilizadas, como jQuery. é um novo conceito para desenvolvimento de web apps client-site. Entenda as novidades que estão por vir com o AngularJS 2.0, as novas definições, facilidades, novos desafios e entenda o motivo do AngularJS ser um framework excelente para todos os momentos.

  • NodeJS: Lessons learned

    The idea of this talk is share all my experience with NodeJS: the first contact, understand how it works, async patterns, functional programming and other experiences in a funny way.