Is it Moral to Click Like?

Ethics on the Web

What Is Ethics?

Ethics Is Not Feelings

Ethics Is Not Religious Morals

Ethics Is Not What is Legal

Ethics is not Cultural Norms

Ethics is Not Science

Ethical Standards

Greater Good / Utilitarianism

Rights / Libertarianism

Justice / Fairness

Common Good

Virtues / Values


Self Driving Cars

Social Credit Systems

Developer Blind Spots


Net Neutrality

Deep Fakes

Areas of Focus

  • Security
  • Privacy
  • Censorship
  • Information Overload
  • Digital Divide
  • Intellectual Property
  • Open Access
  • Hacktivism

What Can We Do?

Recognize Issues

  • Is this about legality or rights?
  • What are the tradeoffs to this choice?
  • Can stakeholders be identified?
  • Have relevant options been weighed?

Determine a Framework

  • What will do most good/least harm (Utilitarian)
  • Which decision respects individuals (Rights)
  • Which option treats people equally (Justice)
  • What best serves the community (Common Good)
  • Which choice serves my aspirational need (Virtue)

Handle Responsibility

Be Jeff Goldblum

Don't made decisions around what you can do, make them about what you should do.


WordCamp Jacksonville - Is it Moral to Click Like? Ethics on the Web.

By David Wolfpaw

WordCamp Jacksonville - Is it Moral to Click Like? Ethics on the Web.

Most professions have defined codes of ethics, and their educational programs have requirements of ethical coursework to get degrees. For some reason it’s not accepted that all computer science programs and developer bootcamps should have ethics courses. With the sheer amount of harm done by tech, this is mind boggling. This topic has picked up a lot of traction thanks to tireless work by a few individuals in our community, but ethical thinking should be in all of our minds while working. We’ll look at a few ethical frameworks and standards, as well as some examples for how they can be applied. It’s time for a discussion on ethics in the web, how we can individually apply ethical thinking in our work, and how to share this with others.

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