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Trove newspaper articles by year



Trove newspaper articles by year

340km of records

What's in RecordSearch?

47% of series have no item descriptions

that's 50km of records




one click to start!

Trove newspaper (& gazette) harvester

  • metadata

  • text

  • images

  • PDFs

ready to download

just does what it says

Getting data from RecordSearch

  • metadata
  • images
  • PDFs

harvest a complete series!

Recycled ASIO redactions

Jupyter notebooks

editable code!

web app!

Run the GLAM Workbench where you want


more technical

Assembling data

Asking questions

Hacking heritage

Live documentation

Lots of GLAM data

peek inside!

Search for names

247 indexes

> 10 million records

Papers Past


Web archives

ABC RN Programs

Commonwealth Hansard


The GLAM Workbench is...

  • Free!
  • Openly licensed to encourage reuse & modification
  • Shared through GitHub
  • Preserved in Zenodo

Use it, share it, change it!

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Exploring the GLAM Workbench

By Tim Sherratt

Exploring the GLAM Workbench

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