Static Generated Sites for SEO

Xinjiang Shao



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- Organic Search has been beneficial for other similar type services, e.g Instacart, Fresh Direct

- User behavior changes to search for groceries online




- Gateway removal

- Past SEO Solutions for Gateway: 1) NoScript 2) Prerender for bots

- Current: Static Sites

Google Trends


Static Product Pages (Producer): Template Generation for Products & Categories

Site Generator (Consumer): Use Static Product Pages as a service to build a static site for each brand, and uploading the static pages to Azure Blob Storage for serving contents. Now we are also adding Site Map Generation

Technical Highlights

  • Template with Thymeleaf, similar to our email template & Peapod template engine
  • Spring Boot (Kotlin)
  • Salt and Jenkins Tasks for automation & deployment
  • Azure Blob Storage for static assets hosting
  • VueJS for partial dynamic components on static pages
  • Splunk for Reporting/Dashboard
  • Consul for DNS

Demo Time

Performance Evaluation

Metric Goal

If everything functions well, we should expect a growth in visits from search results of 25% within three months, roughly a growth from 4,000 to 5,000 clicks a day. After this initial period, it should be a matter of minor optimizations for us to catch up to the competition.


Static Generated Pages for SEO

By Xinjiang Shao

Static Generated Pages for SEO

Generate A Large Set of Static Product Pages, and Category Pages for Groceries

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