today's agenda


Introduce myself (5 min)


Your turn: Analyze 5 visualizations that have to do with who lives where (15 min work + 5 min discussion)


Q&A based on your prepared questions (20-25 min)


Look at and critique one set of data in several visual forms


Add color and annotations to one of those visualizations

data visualization designer and engineer

What do I do?

work at Google

Where do I work?

I write code

Data Visualization Skills

I use math To create

Data Visualization Skills

I Analyze data

Data Visualization Skills

I design

Data Visualization Skills

And apply principles of human visual perception

Data Visualization Skills

I write stories (& lots of emails)

Data Visualization Skills

I Do research

Data Visualization Skills

i think creatively, figuring out what the core need is and how to solve for it

Data Visualization Skills

Communication & understanding: I figure out what my clients need

Data Visualization Skills

I think a lot about color

Data Visualization Skills

I ask questions like...

What affects what time of day babies are born?


How can we figure out if our images of cells under a microscope are in focus, when there are too many to look at one-by-one?


What's Google's revenue going to be in December?


What do Machine Learning Neural Nets See?


Is it warmer in SF in January or July?


How do I convey a sense of "disgust" or "calm"?

Data Visualization Skills

You don't have to choose between "STEM" subjects, Art, humanities, doing meaningful work, and being creative...


Data Visualization Skills

analyze/critique visualizations

(15 minutes)

5 ways of looking at where we live, who lives nears us, and why

(15 minutes analysis + 5 minute discussion)

5 visualizations about where we live. And who lives near us.

1. Racial Dot Map

2. America is More Diverse than Ever, but Still Segregated

3. Visualizing the Racial Divide

4. Parable of the Polygons

5. Mapping Inequality: Redlining in America


For 3 of these...

* What is the data being shown?

* What do you think the creator's goal was?

* What is one choice they made about the visual form (color, shape, size, position, animation, etc) that works well for their goal?

* What do you think makes this visualization effective or ineffective?

* Does anything surprise you about the data?


question time!

(20 minutes)

Data Viz for Burton High School

By Zan Armstrong

Data Viz for Burton High School

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