Bocoup's review of MapML

Simon Pieters

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Bocoup actively participates at Ecma International, the W3C, and the WHATWG, developing new standards and advocating for inclusive workflows.

CSS WG discussion

dbaron: An interesting thing to investigate, if we do or don't want to do something, requires a more concrete proposal about something to add


TabAtkins: I strongly agree with idea that this would be really useful for a11y, because not relying on bespoke and incomplete JS solutions to a very common modality


TabAtkins: As dbaron says, we need a concrete proposal

Maps for the Web: Bocoup's review of MapML

By Simon Pieters

Maps for the Web: Bocoup's review of MapML

Bocoup participated in the OGC Testbed-16 program to review the technical specifications for MapML. Here are our findings and recommendations.

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