Introduction to Rails

Abhishek Yadav


Topics covered

  • Philosophy
  • Relevance and challenges
  • Static-like website using Rails


  • Opinionated
  • Cover the most common use cases
  • Convention over configuration
  • Use the power of Ruby: for expressiveness

Relevance, challenges

  • Popular framework since 2005
  • Competitors: Node.js, Django, Elixir-Phoenix, Php-Laravel, Java-J2EE, ASP.Net
  • Widely used by startups
  • Currently competitive in Job market


  • Learning curve
  • Concurrency in Ruby
  • Not hot anymore

Static-like website using Rails

rails generate controller home hello
  • Change the view file 
  • Add instance variable, use it in view
  • Add a loop in the view


By Abhishek Yadav


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