Felicity Platform

· Felicity Platform implementation grows along with your systems, processes and people.
· Felicity Open Platform gives transparency, complete control and ease of implementation. It is enterprise focused ensuring all our products have built-in support, security and compliance for your IT teams.

· Our open-source framework automatically gives us the nimbleness to adopt latest technologies and innovations in ITSM, Dev-ops, CMDB, AI and Data Sciences.
· For us AI and Machine learning are not fancy buzzwords but a way to build an intelligent ITSM product.
· We increase the value of IT because we re-imagined ITSM from a business perspective.



1. Leveraging Natural Language Processing for auto-classification of user emails.
2. Text Mining algorithms for automated topic-modeling and discovering correlated events.
3. Auto-healing engine that is integrated into processes serves as a process for AI ITSM chatbot.
4. Event correlation for proactively alerting users and user-groups based on
current open incidents.
5. Asset management and dependency mapping.
6. Machine learning approach to build, maintain and manage knowledge base for


Customer Centric Approach

  • A rethink of a process-oriented framework into a customer-oriented platform.

  • Result of a long reflection and research into ITSM functions.

  • Front-line agent enabled by continuously learning and evolving knowledge base.
  • Streamlined enterprise operations by preempting customer problems.

Built around

Knowledge and Learning

  • Leveraging deep learning algorithms to understand user and system issues.
  • Collation of data across ITIL components and system integrations to build a foundational knowledge base. 
  • Deliver value using AI frameworks by aggregating domain knowledge.

Smart Process Flow

  • Recommendations to assist users in incident reporting.
  • Identify issues, user requests and intelligently provide relevant solutions.

  • Automate recurrent tasks to complete user requests.

Implementation Goals

  • Noise cancellation.
  • Community aware development to assimilate latest updates with clean upgrades.
  • Full modularization for easy customizations.
  • Targeted automation solutions.
  • Integrated security and compliance objectives.

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By Abhishek Kulkarni

Copy of Felicity Platform

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