Pregnancy, labor & birth and their relevance to Moshiach

ח ב ל י    מ ש י ח

7 Insights

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Zion has gone into Labor

  • Zion is like “Ziun” which means a “mark” in Hebrew.
  • When Jewishness is reduced to miniscule form (just a mark).  
  • And truth goes into hiding.
  • And falsehood is celebrating.
  • Like pregnancy, when the baby is tiny, hidden, and adverse side effects befall the mother.


Such times are called “Gola” in Hebrew (גולה)



And like Pregnancy,

Gola worsens over time...


There is also something new and wonderful developing during Gola –

Like the baby during pregnancy –

That’s the “Geula” (גאולה).


Zion has given birth

Both pregnancy (Gola) and the baby (Geula) reach full maturity at the birth.


Births have pangs...

What do we learn from this?


Do We Need Gola?

  • Why become pregnant?
  • It can get very painful.  It’s a commitment.  And life will completely change once it’s over.
  • That’s all true.
  • But nevertheless people still choose to go through it. 
  • We want the baby and that’s the only way to get it. 
  • Gola is so bad – no one wants it.  Even (and especially) G-d Himself. 
  • But it’s worth it, because that’s how we’ll ultimately achieve the Geula.



What is Geula?

  • Uneducated?  First pregnancy? 
  • Pregnancy is a natural process.  Once pregnant, no need to do anything special. 
  • (Except for looking after your general health, please) 
  • At least in the first few months.
  • But further into the pregnancy, need to prepare.  There’s a birth coming!
  • Same thing with Geula.  Ignorance here is not bliss. 
  • Especially toward the end of Gola, we need to know what Geula is about
  • And ensure we’re ready for it. 



Gola in Geula

  • First is health.
  • Monitor the baby during the pregnancy.
  • But focus on the mother.
  • Not only for her own health, but also, everything the baby needs before the birth comes from her.
  • Similarly, the Geula is fashioned during and through Gola.
  • Geula is in Gola, albeit hidden.



Birth-pangs?  Get Ready!

  • Easy births are great. 
  • If you’re ready.
  • To ensure you are, birth-pangs are signs that the birth is coming up.
  • So that you quickly prepare for it.
  • The signs of Geula tell us to make no mistake.  It’s about to happen. 
  • So that we get ready for it.
  • “Would I [G-d] bring to the birth-stool and not cause to give birth?!”



Before the Birth - New Context

  • We said earlier to focus on the mother in the beginning of the pregnancy, not the baby.
  • Come time to give birth, we’re still looking after the mother.  For sure!  But in the labor ward.
  • What’s changed?
  • The whole context changes:  Hyper-care, excitement, everyone is teamed up and engaged with the birth to help make it happen.
  • A healthy mother means spiritual endurance during Gola.  Jewish survival.  That’s what we’ve fought for all along.
  • But the birth-pangs of Moshiach at the end of Gola direct our focus toward the emerging Geula.
  • That becomes the context and purpose of everything we do.



Geula in a Flash

  • Labor is very hard.
  • The sky could be falling.
  • “What will be?!” – every laboring woman cries.
  • But in a flash 
    • Not only the pain subsides (as if it never was), 
    • The baby we’ve been yearning for comes out, safe and sound.
  • Wow.  Amazing turnaround! 
  • We see lots of bad in the world.  Increasing.  On all levels.  These are the negative/external facets of Gola.  
  • What will be?
  • But in a flash 
    • Not only will it all die down, 
    • A new, much-awaited bonus / context will come into the picture.  Geula. 



We Celebrate Revelation

  • You just had a baby! – Congratulations!  Mazal Tov!
  • But what’s the novelty we’re getting excited about?
    • You – the mother – are (slowly) getting back to your old self, and
    • The new-born baby is not really new.  It was there all along.
  • However, the birth has revealed it all.  Life is not the same now.
  • All the good things (Geula) are all here during Gola also.  But they are hidden. 
  • Moshiach will bring them out into the open.
  • That’s what we’ll celebrate.




By Itamar Hatzvi


7 insights into Pregnancy, labor & birth and their relevance to Moshiach (from Exile to Redemption)

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