today, is no different

to what happened to Pharaoh,

during the Exodus from Egypt...

What's happening to


The Exodus from Egypt is a Pillar of the Jewish Faith.

It's not just a thrilling story of old.

The Exodus story hasn't concluded with the Jews leaving Egypt. 

It just started.



We're still getting out of Egypt:

The Government that's controlling the world before the Coming of Moshiach


On 3 different levels:


Pharaoh of the World

Just like in the first Redemption from Egypt,

there's a Pharaoh that stands in the way of the Redemption that's coming to the World,

with the advent of Moshiach.




The contemporary Government before Moshiach is the global Pharaoh that stands in the way of the new era (Redemption)


Influential Institutions

are possibly included with "Government".


Like Universities for example.


Take 2:

Moses Vs. Pharaoh

Moshiach Vs. Government



Same story.

Just going global.


Pharaoh's Holding the Key

Getting past Pharaoh was the key to the Exodus.

Getting past the Government is the key to Moshiach.



  • It's not about escaping Pharaoh anymore.
  • Religious freedom has been well established by the Coming of Moshiach.
  • It's about converting Egypt (the world) and Pharaoh (the Government).

Egypt has to know that I am G-d.

'וידעו מצרים כי אני ה


Pharaoh's Well Being

  • That's the deeper meaning of Pharaoh's survival,
  • And Jacob's blessing of Pharaoh's welfare,
  • And "One should pray for the welfare of the Government". 


Pharaoh is not to be exterminated. 

He's to be transformed.


Survival of the Evil Kingdom

"ומלכות הרשעה... ותכניע"

In our daily prayers we ask for the Wicked Kingdom to be 

  1. uprooted
  2. broken
  3. crushed, and
  4. subdued


Ultimately it's not about annihilation (1-3)  but about subjugation (4) – of the evil reign prior to Moshiach.


Pharaoh's Heart

It's when we reach the final stages of Levels 1 and 2, that we need to deal with the toughest / most stubborn aspects of Pharaoh.



Pharaoh was the king of the world, but with Moses turning up, everything started falling around him.  

Pharaoh was

Did he take notice?

Only after 10 plagues.


The Government is Stubborn.

  • Like Pharaoh, the Government's meant to be sovereign, supreme.
  • And like Pharaoh, things are falling apart all around them.
  • On economical level, social level, and national security -- all the unpleasant signs of Moshiach.
  • Like Pharaoh, their hands are tied.
  • Like Pharaoh, they are the last to realize that.


  • Since the first Lebanon War or thereabouts
  • The IDF is powerless in the face of Intifadas, Gulf Wars, suicide bombers
  • The muscles are all there, but the hands are tied.

Example of Government's Hands are Tied:

Israeli Defense Force


  • The Jewish People were in Egypt for 210 years
  • They served Pharaoh for 116 years
  • The back-breaking labor went on for 86 years
  • But only a few verses on all this in the Torah.

Most of the Exodus story is about breaking Pharaoh, during the last year of their stay.

The End

Gets Most Attention


The End of Exile is Key

  • The Jewish People have been to 3 further exiles since leaving Egypt
  • The last one dragging for some 2000 years
  • But the last episode where Moshiach takes on the Government is the most critical. 



Level Egypt Means: Exodus Means:
1. Culture Materialism, limiting the person's perspectives to physical ideaologies Spiritual perspective, and how to use material instincts to serve G-d
2. Personal Evil Inclination, limiting the individual's service of G-d Overcoming limitations from within
3. Before Moshiach Government running the show as "usual" Moshiach revealing G-d's sovereignty in the World



"The Exodus from Egypt is a big foundation and a strong pillar in our Torah and our belief" - Sefer Hachinuch, Mitzvah 21.
Pharaoh didn't die - Pirkei D'Rabbi Elazar, Ch. 43:  Pharaoh ended up becoming the king of Ninve who features in the story of Jonah
The Jewish People wanting to return to Egypt - Exodus 16:3, Numbers 11:18, Numbers 14:2, Numbers 20:5, Numbers 21:5.
Preferring physical crushing labor under Pharaoh to serving G-d - Numbers 11:5.
The Manna bread was considered by them as "nothing" - Numbers 11:6: "אין כל" -- "There is nothing".
The Exodus will conclude with the Coming of Moshiach - Sefer Hamaamarim 5708 p.159.
Third Temple at the end of the Song of the Sea (שירת הים) - Exodus 15:17: "You will bring them and implant them on the mount of Your heritage, a foundation for Your dwelling place that You, G-d, have made -- a Sanctuary, my L-rd, that Your hands established.  G-d shall reign for all eternity."  The "Sanctuary" referred to here is the Temple that will be built (By G-d) in future times (when He will reign forever) - Rashi on this verse.
Egypt within the person - Torah Or, Shemot 49d.
Remembering the Exodus from Egypt all the time - Deuteronomy 16:3  "All the days of your life" -- literally.
Pharaoh = Evil Inclination - Igeret Hamusar of the Rambam.
Pharaoh = nape of the neck - Ibid.
מצרים (Egypt) = confinements - Torah Or, Ibid.
ארץ מצרים = wanting Egypt -
Original Exodus from Egypt has enabled religious freedom - Sefer Hamaamarim, ibid.
Egypt on every level - Torah Or, ibid.
All limits will be undone - Talmud, Shabbat 118a.
Synergy between Pharaoh and the Government at the End of Days - based on the general synergy between the Exodus from Egypt and the Final Redemption that's alluded to in the verse "Like the days of your going out of the land of Egypt, will I show him wonders" (Micha 7:15).  Also see Pharaoh's Tzaraat and Bereshit Rabba 1:26.
Transformation of Egypt/Pharaoh in the Final Redemption - Sefer Hasichot 5752 Parashat Bo Par. 10-11.  Also see Talmud Sanhedrin 59b regarding the Serpent (the embodiment of Evil in this world) which will be an important servant for G-d in the Future Times, noting Pharaoh is compared to a serpent (Ezekiel 29:3).
Jacob's blessing of Pharaoh's welfare - Genesis 47:7.
One should pray for the well-being of the government - Mishna Avot 3:2

Pharaoh's Legacy

By Itamar Hatzvi

Pharaoh's Legacy

The battle with Pharaoh hasn't finished with the Splitting of the Sea, but will be completed soon with the Coming of Moshiach.

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