are turning all heretic, and then

A Modern Instance of a Biblical Ailment (Tzaraat)


Moshiach Comes.

One of the Signs

for the Coming of Moshiach is:



Moshiach will not come until the whole government turns into heresy. 

Where is it written?

"He [the Metzora] turned all white – 

he is pure" (Leviticus 13:13)

Talmud, Sanhedrin 97a  


  1. Which "Government" is this sign referring to?
  2. What's the connection between the Government and Completely-White Tzaraat?
  3. What is "Heresy"?
  4. Why will the Government become heretic?
  5. Why the whole government?
  6. Why will Moshiach come then?


The Government

  • “מלכות” (Malchut) 
  • Literally means “Kingdom/Kingship”
  • Practically means “Ruling body” = Government
  • Who we look up to for sorting out global/ national/ communal issues
  • Supreme 
  • Sovereign 
  • Call the shots


Which Government?

  1. State of Israel. Simple meaning is the governing body over the Land of Israel and the Jews that live there. 
  2. Government of the Gentiles (Maharsha, Talmud Yerushalmi)
  3. “The whole World will turn to heresy” (Midrash, Yalkut Amos 549)

3 Opinions


All the Same

  • If you think about it:
  • Israel’s Government is heavily influenced by other Gentile Governments (eg USA)
  • So they are not much different from each other.
  • United Nations. Globalization:
  • All governments are influenced. And in turn the whole world.
  • So all three meanings of “Government” could be merged into one  "The Government".



Completely-White Tzaraat.

The Talmud compares this to a case of

Summary of Tzaraat

Normal Tzaraat Completely-White Tzaraat
Real Cause Perfection Rotten
Apparent Condition Impure – reject Impure – reject
Extent of Condition Some spots The whole body (eventually)
Assessment Fixable – there's hope Unfixable – hopeless
Remedy Torah & humility Forget and move on
Example Moses, David, Moshiach Pharaoh


Here's a practical

that concerns us here:

What's the connection between

the Government & Completely-White Tzaraat?


(Based on Likutei Sichot Pt. 32 p.82-83)


Pre-Messianic Dilemas

  • With the Coming of Moshiach, 
  • There are many problems to solve
  • On all levels
  • Security, economy, society, religion
  • The ‘Unpleasant’ Signs of Moshiach.


We need salvation


The Government has Potential

  • The Metzora has potential to do a lot of good.
  • And so does the Government.
  • It can take the right steps to alleviate the pre-Messianic pressures.
  • The Israeli Government can manage its affairs in accordance with Torah.
  • It can protect its people.
  • The Gentile Governments can support that,
  • And bring salvation to the world.


The Government is Rejected

  • We rejected the Metzora because he was crazy.
  • We also perceive the Government as crazy.
  • They’re making ridiculous moves
  • Protecting their own enemy’s interests
  • Blatantly going against the Torah 
  • So we reject the Government.


Hopes in the Government

  • On the other hand –
  • Tzaraat can heal.  
  • And so we hope: 
  • The Government too can turn around.
  • If not this Prime Minister, then another.
  • If not this party, then another (or a newly-formed party).
  • Something (in the Parliament) has to give!


Hopes Falsified

  • Completely-White Tzaraat does not heal. 
  • It intensifies until it’s clear there’s no hope.
  • The Government’s actions keep worsening...
  • It eventually becomes clear deliverance isn’t forthcoming from the Government. 
  • And that it never was...!

What’s going on?!


Time to reflect


Reflections on the Future

  • Moshiach will restore the Davidic monarchy
  • Re-establish the Jewish Legal system
  • And fix up the whole world to serve G-d together. 

(Maimonides, Laws of Kings, Ch. 11)


Kingdom of Heaven

  • In other words, 
  • Moshiach will consolidate all the governments on earth 
  • Into a global kingdom
  • That reflects the Kingdom of Heaven,
  • Where everyone (celestial beings) serve G-d in unison.


So we’re Reflecting (thoughts)




Reflection (of Heaven on Earth)



  • Hence great plenty
  • Peace, harmony
  • Contentment   
  • Will all prevail (be reflected) on Earth, 
  • Like they are in Heaven

(Maimonides, Laws of Kings, Ch. 12)


So Moshiach will get it so right,


yet the Government is getting it so wrong…




Have you noticed that their respective philosophies are also at complete odds with each other?


Separation of Religion & State

  • Moshiach has the world connected to Heaven, the Government has it separated. 
  • “Separation of Church and State” they call it.
  • Although this idiom was coined without direct reference to Judaism, it is widely practiced by “The Government” with respect to all religions, and the central concept behind religion – G-d.


Why the Separation?

  • Religion has been commonly associated with conflict, extremism, and persecution.
  • Look at other governments in the present (e.g. Iran)
  • And past (e.g. Medieval Europe).
  • Do we want our State to look like that?
  • Also, people want to be free-thinkers.


Separation of

Heaven from Earth

  • Judaism cannot vouch for other religions.
  • And not for how fallible people misuse religion.
  • But if the Government is religion-free,
  • While religion (and the Almighty G-d) is shoved to the sidelines, 
  • Separation of religion from state is effectively separation of Heaven from Earth.


The Government is boycotting Heaven (G-d), the source of Divine energy into the World.



We then wonder why everything's getting stuck...



  • “מינות” (Mi-nut) in Hebrew.
  • Means non-belief in the One G-d. (Maimonides Laws of Repentance 3:7)
  • By separating themselves from G-d, 
  • The Government is practicing heresy.


The Whole Government

  • Many ministers are good people.
  • Some may even act for the sake of Heaven.
  • But the Government’s problem lies in the ground it’s founded on.
  • The core – the institution – is rotten.
  • That undermines the entire Government.



When the Government makes the wrong moves – 

All parties are swept along.

(Albeit reluctantly)


On the Decline

  • Both the Government and the Completely-White Metzora will not get better.
  • The writing's on the wall.
  • And getting bigger and bolder.
  • It's a matter of time until everyone realizes this cause is lost. 


Jumping Ships

  • When will the penny drop?
  • Don't need to wait until the Government's fallacy screams from every inch of their skin.
  • The sooner we see this Sign,
  • And make the switch,
  • The sooner Moshiach comes. 


The Government falls apart,

So that our real channel of salvation (Moshiach) can fall into place .


Then They'll Seek Moshiach

Many days... 

there’s no king nor minister... 

Then... they will seek G-d and their King David…

at the End of Days”

In Exile 

Hosea 3:

Even whilst there isn't proper Jewish kingdom (no king), the Jews reject all other governors (no minister)

Metzudat David:

And then they ask for the true sovereign (G-d, Moshiach)

This will happen at the ultimate Redemption.


(Concluding blessing

on Haftorah)

!על כסאו לא ישב זר

No one else shall sit on his [King David’s] throne!



  • Governance ultimately belongs to Moshiach (Heaven)
  • The "Government" is in opposition (Heresy)
  • So they have to get dethroned...
  • But we don’t necessarily see that
  • So the Government fails in an increasingly glaring way, 
  • Like the Completely-White Metzora,
  • To highlight the point of difference (Heaven/Heresy)
  • For us to realize (that’s what “signs” are for)
  • So that we start allying with Moshiach instead.


Pharaoh's Tzaraat

An illustration of what we'd learnt in these slides

& some lessons on how to deal with the Government.

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