Tzaraat   צרעת




The Ailment of

Part 2:  How Tzaraat Applies to Moshiach

Summary from Part 1

Tzaraat  Literal Sense Tzaraat – Deeper Sense
Not since Biblical Times Because very high levels required
Negative speech is the cause Because he is too high - problems with expression
On the skin Only external (inside – all good). What people see.
Bright white spots White is good but too bright – problematic (dazzles)
Very impure He has immense energy – can do a lot of damage if not conveyed appropriately
Expelled from the Community Because too high – doesn't belong in amongst others
The Torah (= process) of purification Torah will enable the purification
Purification through cedar-wood and hyssop Metzora to remain a cedar but adopt the humility of hyssop
Not all Tzaraat instances are impure Tzaraat is really a good thing. Just needs to be in a pure form.

So what's Tzaraat got to do with Moshiach?

Moshiach will be a Metzora.

You guessed it.

What’s changing at the End of Days 

to bring Tzaraat from ancient times 

back into play?

Global Perspective

  • Think bigger.
  • True, it’s been less and less likely to find people who would meet the Tzaraat criteria.
  • But the journey of the world is heading right toward a state of Tzaraat…


   The hefty criteria of Tzaraat are:

  1. Perfection  (in the realm of Good)
  2. No mixture of bad inside  (in the realm of Evil)

from Part 1

Global Perfection

  • Each generation accomplished one piece of the puzzle – 
  • The puzzle of a perfect world. 
  • So by the time Moshiach comes the puzzle would be virtually complete. 
  • Perfection in a global/historical sense.
  • The world will have fulfilled the 1st criterion of Tzaraat.

How Would We Know?

  • How can you tell the world is nearing the age of perfection?
  • Just look for the Positive Signs of Moshiach.


These signs will be illustrated on in due course, G-d willing.

No Bad Within the World

  • Throughout the ages, Evils have been surfacing
  • And getting cleansed. 
  • By the time we get to the end,
  • The world is all good – 
  • At least under the surface.
  • Hence the world will have fulfilled this 2nd Tzaraat  criterion also.

How Would We Know?

  • How can you tell all evils have been cleansed? 
  • When you see Deep Evil celebrating.


Refer to the Deep Evil slides for more details.

Tzaraat Comes to the World

  • So before the Coming of Moshiach,
  • The world will fulfill the Tzaraat criteria 
  • (1) perfection and (2) no evils inside.


That calls for Tzaraat…

What sort of "Tzaraat" can the World experience?

Messianic Tzaraat

  • Like the Metzora who is much higher than the community – 
  • The Messianic Times will involve great spiritual revelations, 
  • Above and beyond what the world could normally handle.
  • That’s the “Tzaraat” the world will face with the Coming of Moshiach.

How will this Messianic Tzaraat be expressed in the World?

Question is:

Two Extreme Reactions

  • Like the Metzora can either be very welcomed or distanced by the community – 
  • Messianic Tzaraat could either kindle and captivate the world, 
  • Or the world can reject and repel it.

Pure Messianic Tzaraat

  • If the Messianic Tzaraat will be welcomed by the world,
  • The Messianic Age will then commence.
  • That’s like the pure form of Tzaraat.
  • A positive wow.
  • We hope and pray for this…
  • And it will ultimately be achieved.

Impure Messianic Tzaraat

  • However if Messianic Tzaraat is rejected –  
  • The onset of the Messianic Age gets delayed.
  • In the meantime we have extreme impurity – 
  • Like the impure form of Tzaraat.
  • A negative wow (Oy Vey).

The Effects of Impure Tzaraat

  • There are many problems before Moshiach comes… 
  • The birth pangs of Moshiach.
  • But if the solution to these problems is rejected – 
  • The problems are exacerbated…

Moshiach  A "Metzora"

  • Bringing Messianic Tzaraat into the world is Moshiach’s job.
  • Hence he is labelled as a “Metzora”.
  • Intrinsically –
  • Because even though initially it may be in the impure form,
  • Ultimately it’ll be in the pure form.
  • Either way, Messianic Tzaraat is what he’s about.


Inside Skin Outside
The Person Increasing good, decreasing bad.
Once perfection achieved:
His high levels become physically visible on his skin (=Tzaraat) Others are exposed to his high levels and either reject or embrace.
The World Working toward spiritual perfection of the world throughout history.
Not so visible (as "inside").
Once achieved:
Messianic Tzaraat becomes physically visible in the World through Moshiach and his generation. The world ("outside") is exposed to Messianic Tzaraat and either reject or embrace.

Now why would Messianic Tzaraat be rejected?

Tzaraat Part 2 - how it applies to Moshiach

By Itamar Hatzvi

Tzaraat Part 2 - how it applies to Moshiach

How Tzaraat applies to Moshiach

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