Flexible Content

  • Developers to build all pages which have designs associated before handing off to content team.
  • Not all modules need to be global. Only put those that are in Global Layouts.
  • Designers to break down layout elements by common themes.
  • Number and title need be carried through to flexible content dropdown list.
  • Always hide the_content() field when not in use.
  • Add Nested Pages plugin on sites with a lot (20±) pages.

Dev'n the Designs

  • Developed layouts MUST match the design as close as possible
  • Eyeball something if units don't translate
    (ie. line height in pixels)
  • ALL designed templates must be built by the developer to ensure module layouts match the design

Designin' the Things

  • Start the first template with an established grid and stick with it on all other templates.
  • Try to only use 2-3 fonts. Each font adds page weight and increases load time.
  • Avoid fonts that are only available on subscription-based webfont services like
    TypeKit or H&Co. They're okay, but slow down site performance and have page-view limits which can cost the client more $$$.
  • MyFonts.com is a great resource

Browser Testing

  • Developers are responsible for browser and device testing of their own work prior to internal development link presentation

Design/Dev Library

  • We need to get FASTER
  • Start boilerplating things like:
    • Developers:
      • Often-used post types
      • Often-used ACF field groups
      • Custom plugins
      • Icons
      • UI patterns (Post filters, sliders, accordions)
    • Design
      • Often-used modules

Design/Dev Library

  • What makes the cut?
    • Anything that has been/may be used more than once 
  • Where do we put it?

General Development Approaches

  • Focus on reducing amount of duplicate content entry, identical content should be avoided if feasible.

  • Global Layouts are intended to be repeatable blocks used to build pages

  • Pages with specific designs (templates) should be built by the developer:

    • To illustrate how the modules work to the content team.
    • For you to evaluate the Editor's experience of adding the content.
    • To ensure the live pages match the designs the client is expecting.


Dev Meeting 6-21-2016

By Adam Walter

Dev Meeting 6-21-2016

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