Tech Speaking - Session #4


but before...

๐Ÿš€ย Homework ๐Ÿš€

How much should you prepare?

Preparation Process

Friendly Advices

Prepare in advance, 1-2 months before the event

Do short repetitive rehearsals

Speak out loud!

Be prepared to throw away materials (prepare more raw)

Record yourself, even if it looks/sounds silly

Phase 1: Refine your talk

Stop when ideas pop up, write them down / update slides

Find the holes, the missing parts in your talk

Something doesn't sound right? DROP IT

Something feels just like extra info? DROP IT

Something is a maybe? DROP IT

Phase 2: Speed and Timing

Time your runs, remember key points, move around them

Sync your transitions, remember slide design

Make sure you speak as if you are on stage (slow/fast)

Make your own process!

Scripted vs Unscripted

Scripted Talks

You learn your speech entirely

You have our speaker notes with you for help

You have to go all the way, start to finish

Unscripted Talks

Are not unprepared!

Each talk will be a different experience

You can adapt to the audience on the way



Forces you to prepare more

Sounds and feels natural

Can eliminate some anxiety

Easy dealing with uncertainty

Risky if you get stuck

Each talk is a new experience

Easier to adapt to the audience

People might see the script

Speaker Notes

Focus during preparation

Focus on speaking

Talk in front of friends / at meetups

Listen to your voice, improve as you prepare

Emphasize and "exaggerate"

Extra focus

First 5 minutes (if unscripted talks)

Are you preparing a demo? (have a backup)

Moving off-slides? (rehearse that part)

๐Ÿš€ย Homework ๐Ÿš€

Prepare a part of your talk

Record yourself and write down what you should correct

Refine your slides/talk as you rehearse

Tech Speaking - Preparation

By Alex Moldovan

Tech Speaking - Preparation

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