Welcome JSHeroes!

Real Heroes don't have superpowers

Our mission

1. Offer a different conference for the local community

2. Put Cluj on the map of the international JS community 

3. Contribute to the development of the local ecosystem

Our model

1. Non-profit event created by volunteers from the community

2. Open and transparent, all budget details are public

3. Simple sponsoring packages that don't include a booth

JSHeroes 2017

Facts about the conf

600 Attendees

29 Speakers

Diversity Tickets

Adopt a JavaScripter

9 months of work

140 Proposals

80.000 EUR budget

>1000h volunteer work

15 organizers

>30 countries



Our support for OS


Thank you!

Thank you!

Thank you!

Thank you!

Thank you!




Open Source

Let the conference begin!


By Alex Moldovan