AR/VR Based Experience & solutions for Quiz, Debate, Public Speaking, Interviews, personality development

Purpose - Building Virtual reality-based Apps for Personal development assisted by Machine learning using Virtual Reality modeling.

The apps provide solutions for social activities and personality development by assisting the user in becoming better every day.

On the longer run, hosting activities such as Quizzes, Debates, Interviews training, and public speaking development using Virtual reality combined with the deep learning algorithms.



Installing our mobile app and a VR Kit, anyone can take part in real-time activities like public speaking, Debate, Quizzes, Interview training and much more exploring the possibility of VR and machine learning.

The user has a choice of fully customisable virtual audience and our ML algorithms provide a better experience to the user based on the user behaviour.


The system is expected to provide experiences like debates, Quiz, Interviews, and other real-life experiences on the virtual environment with the assistance of ML.


Why Now?

  • Extremely outdated apps in Quizzing, methods of preparation for interviews, debates and public speaking events.

  • Zero user experience on current apps for the same

  • Everyone wanted to come into the limelight, but a very less number of people have the courage to do it and get the opportunity to do it.

  • Practicing in front of the mirror for your next day PowerPoint presentation is so outdated and it never works in real life.

Market Size

  • Since we are targeting an untapped market, we like to peg our starting users who are passionate about Quizzing, debates, interview coaching.

  • Our market research suggests that 1 among 10 average users has requirements for improving public speaking, whereas the other 9 users love public speaking and would prefer this as entertainment or a place to improvise themselves or showcase their talents on our real-time competitions.

  • In fact, this can be a place for entertainment as well as improving one’s self. Participating in real-time VR Quiz, Debate competitions with AI-Bot or real-time opponents from any part of the world.

  • Any user is a potential user for us.


Secret Sauce

  • Categories covered in the product - Quizzes, Debates, Interviews, Public Speaking, Slide Presentations.

  • VR Kit provides a super cool experience among our different categories.

  • An extremely versatile and personalized experience for every user based on his area of interest or choice.

  • Artificial intelligence-based bots ensure user engagement on debates, quizzes, interviews.

  • Machine learning algorithms along with VR based 3D Modelling tools to create a personalized screen/stage or platform for our categories.

  • Minimal effort by the user, with less swiping and scrolling and more interactive voice-assisted systems.

Business Model

Long-Term Goals

We wanted to build a company which provides experiences to the users world wide. We believe in touching the life of every user by improving their skills and delivering a memorable virtual experience. In the long term we would love to expand to different verticals in the VR combining our ML driven technology.


The world really needs our product because the existing systems are very outdated. There is a requirement for a VR/AR-based platform that provides a great experience and satisfaction.

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By Amal Augustine

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