• 20 things about me that may be true or false

  • HCD for Our Watch

  • Extraction

  • New paradigms for the end times

    Prototypes and popcorn October 2019

  • Rogue One: A change agent story

    for designops.lol

  • fab feedback​

    How to get good at feedback in design

  • There's a place for me in tech, there's a place for you in tech

    To help motivate & inspire young women in uni and high school to join me in the tech industry

  • An intro to UX for devs

    Presentation for the PHP Meetup in Melbourne.

  • Agile UX in practice

    A presentation for GA's UX full-time immersive cohort.

  • Estimating non-destructively

    Destructive vs non-destructive estimation

  • We should all be designers

  • Living the lean dream

    For Melbourne Geek Night Feb 2017

  • Usability testing

  • How design, engineering and business can learn from each other

    Originally presented at Future Assembly, melbourne 2016

  • In intro to UX personas

    Originally prepared for Be Responsive meetup Melbourne 2016

  • Red flags - identifying problems in responsive design and development

    A talk given at Drupal South 2015

  • Usability testing - an intro for guerillas

    A short talk on usability testing presented at DrupalCamp Melbourne 2015