Living the lean dream


Don't hire anyone until we really have to

Don't borrow money

Don't let anyone tell us what to do

Don't overcommit to any idea

Mitigate risk early

Validation before growth

Time is more useful than money

Acquisition first (before we've built anything)

Measuring (when we know it's crap)

Teaching ourselves everything

Saying goodbye to specialisation

Designing like we mean it

Committing our time (our most valuable resource)

Being our own stakeholders

Going all-in

...but also going slow

Doing talks with not much to show

(If you are a project manager, delivery lead or product manager, please let me do a usability test with you)

Thank you!

Successful projects start with smart budgets.

Take your budget on a test run before you commit.



Living the lean dream

By Amelia Schmidt

Living the lean dream

For Melbourne Geek Night Feb 2017

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