Usability testing: tips, tricks and stories from the front lines

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Here's the hot tips

Be careful if you test two versions at once

Don't test hypothetical situations

"If I were using this, I would..."

"I don't think this would work because..."

"I would worry that other people will..."

Always test towards a goal

You might not be doing a usability test!

Always test with users or potential users - not stakeholders

Make the user feel comfortable

You're on a first date

  • Ask about their day
  • Crack some dorky jokes
  • Be vulnerable with them
  • Bring them a treat
  • Watch your body language
  • Find some common ground
  • More here and here

Don't underestimate context

Don't do too much testing

Don't fear following a simple script

Match the design fidelity to the test goals (or match the goals to the design fidelity)

"It depends on what you're trying to achieve..."

Write a plan and stick to it

Brain dump

Thank you and good luck!


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