fab feedback

  1. why feedback is hard

  2. fast sketch & quick crit

  3. design speed-dating

why feedback is hard

because of feelings





but mainly fear.


because of goals

you can't understand the design unless you understand the problem it's solving

brief everyone on the experiment

explain the problem you're working on

recap the research

highlight assumptions and risks

show how your design solves this problem and addresses your research

"let's mark that as an assumption to test"


because of people

meetings can be stressful

not everyone is confident speaking in front of others

be mindful of their possible anxieties

be respectful of their time (make an agenda and stick to it)

be genuinely open to their thoughts and feelings

arguments happen when information is missing or obscured

try to focus on problems rather than solutions

share design deliverables before the meeting

participants will have time to consider, collate questions and thoughts


fast sketch & quick crit!


it's hayfever season. pollen levels differ each day. sometimes it's dangerous.

how can we make springtime easier for hayfever sufferers?

draw your solution.
(10 mins)

  1. stick it on the wall

  2. don't add your name

  3. you may add explanatory post-it notes

vote silently

discuss "hotspots"

the author reveals themselves and explains intent

you just did an art gallery session!

  1. avoid groupthink

  2. enable personal responses

  3. focus on positives

  4. remove ego

speedy feedback!


get your designs out

five minute crit


  1. explain the problem & the experiment

  2. get more than one opinion

  3. be open

  4. listen carefully

  5. ask "why?"


  1. be honest

  2. be specific

  3. be constructive

  1. start by interpreting

  2. clarify your assumptions

  3. consider the users

  4. consider how you might interact with it

is it feasible?
is it intuitive?
is it usable?

is it testable?

try to get feedback from 3 different people

you did good!


  1. love the problem

  2. avoid ego

  3. stay humble

  4. be excellent to each other

thank you


fab feedback​

By Amelia Schmidt

fab feedback​

How to get good at feedback in design

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