Usability testing 

An intro for guerillas

Design is more than opinions

Opinions fighting opinions is a disaster

Designers aren't users

But also.... users aren't designers

Usability testing!

Here's the rules

  • Find the right users
  • Be careful about context
  • Create simple tasks to test
  • Do the thing
  • Record and take notes
  • Be open minded
  • Document

You can test with (almost anything)

Don't wait: test early

  • A set of sketches
  • Wireframes
  • Clickable prototypes
  • Early stage builds

Design some simple tasks

"Log in and create an account"

"Purchase a product"

Find yourself some users

Be a guerilla

  • Testing with strangers can be a bit confronting! But SO worth it
  • Remember to find people that aren't like you
  • Consider Guerilla-style testing in cafes or public spaces
  •  These techniques work in many situations
  • Don't forget to reward people :)

Users might be more honest in their natural environments

By the way.. you only need 5

You can follow a script

Basic test format

  • Explain what the test is, how it works and what's expected
  • Sign any permission forms
  • Start recording
  • Ask for general opinions 
  • Ask to complete tasks
  • Answer any questions

Recording software is your friend

You don't have to take notes

You are doing this to learn

You will probably be surprised

You need to be humble

You need to be quiet

But you need to read between the lines

What people say and what they do may be different

Users may struggle.. but you should refrain from helping

Don't forget to document

Have fun!

Usability testing - an intro for guerillas

By Amelia Schmidt

Usability testing - an intro for guerillas

A short talk on usability testing presented at DrupalCamp Melbourne 2015

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