Battle of the Maps


UCLA and USC Libraries

Use down arrow to go through each section.

When done with a section use the right arrow to go to the next one.


Once you are logged in you will see your name in the corner

Note* you may need to authorize your account.

2. Picking a project

HOTOSM is where we go to find projects to work on.

HOTOSM is integrated with OpenStreetMap.

You will see your name in the upper right hand corner once logged in. Click on "START MAPPING" to find a project.

This is where you will 

search for project

You should be logged in

Pick one of the following projects.


Search by the number or just click on one of the projects.

Each project will have instructions etc. 

All the projects we selected ask that you ONLY map buildings.

Now lets learn how to map using the OSM Task Manager

Lets get comfortable with OSM Tasking Manager page!


This is the project overview page. You get a description, instructions, stats, and this your starting page for contributing and finishing up your work!

3. OSM Tasking Manager

Click on MAP to begin mapping.

Choose a white square or select a random task.

If square is available, click on "Start Mapping."

We will be using the iD Editor. Click on "START EDITOR."

Another tab will open. This is where you will edit in OSM.

The HOT Task Manger tab stays open. You will return to it once you are done editing in the OSM tab.

Click on "Area." Then use the cursor to create an outline of the building. Click twice on the last point to close the building.

Square your buildings so they will have straight lines. Very important!

Highlight your building.

Click "S" on your keyboard.

Once your building outline is set. Pick the feature type. 

  1. Building Features

  2. Building

  3. Then click check

You can continue to map more building outlines. It is recommended to save after doing a few.


Once you click "Save" it is important to fill out the #hashtag information. See next slide!!!

In the changeset comment add the



or if you are the competition;-)



Once the hashtag is there click "upload."

This hashtag will help us see who has mapped the most!

If you are unsure about your edits ask for someone to review them!

Take a minute to watch this video and see the whole process in action! **Remember to put in the right #;-)**

Once you are done with a square click back to the HOT Tasking Manager tab.

Leave a note. Say if you finished mapping all buildings or if there buildings left.

Click "stop mapping." You are done;-)

Repeat with a new square!

Battle of the Maps! USC vs. UCLA - A humanitarian map-a-thon

By Andy Rutkowski

Battle of the Maps! USC vs. UCLA - A humanitarian map-a-thon

Quick slides for map-a-thon basics. Set up account, learn how to do building outlines, use hashtags for leaderboard.

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