Open Source




My projects

Project themes

  • Style guides 📚💅
  • Editor tooling ⚒️
  • Keyboards ⌨️
  • ASCII art
  • Side projects

What made me think about OS'ing my projects

Why open source it?

  • Open source by default
  • It's a great way to give back
  • Build your portfolio

My experience open sourcing projects

Open sourcing projects is

  • Fun
  • A rewarding challenge
  • Collaborative

What do I like/dislike about supporing an OS project?

Suggestions for getting involved in OS

A few tips

  • Github's "Explore" tab
  • Contribute to projects you already use
  • Use your WCGB hours

For your own projects

  • Just start your project on open source
  • Market your project
  • Have fun

Open Contribution

What are some of the benefits that you get from Open Contribution as a team?


  • Near instant value add to projects
  • Visibility into features without having to know the entire project code base
  • Cross-segment discoverability
  • Code re-use

Where do you think we can get better at Open Contribution? What are some opportunities?


By Blake A Dietz