Advanced Git Techniques to Manage
Open Source Contributions

Brian Dukes

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Branches, Tags, Remotes

Pull Requests


Accepting Contributions

Merge vs. Rebase vs. Squash

Two Branches

Fast-Forward Merge/Rebase

Merge Commit



Reworking Contributions

Small Commits

Amend Commit


Interactive Rebase

Fix Conflicting Commit

  • Remove
  • Fixup
  • Reword
  • Squash

Consider Draft Pull Requests

Reducing & Resolving Conflicts


gmaster logo
SemanticMerge logo

Merge Conflict


Rebase Conflicts

Small Commits, Small Pull Requests

Advanced Git Techniques to Manage Open Source Contributions

By Brian Dukes

Advanced Git Techniques to Manage Open Source Contributions

Have you tried to contribute to an open source project, only to realize that your change was on the wrong branch? Or maybe you were asked to rework part of your contribution, and you're not sure the best way to do that? Learn some Git techniques to for easier contributing and project maintenance. Git is the lingua franca of open source development, but many developers only learn and use the basic features it provides. A fuller embrace of Git can simplify the development process, but it can also make a big difference when making a contribution to an open source project. On a fast moving project, you may run into conflicts that you need to manage, or rework that needs to happen if your initial contributions needs some tweaks. This talk will walk through a number of common scenarios around contributing code and managing open source projects, and provide a framework for thinking through approaches to streamline the process and simplify the contributing experience for everyone.

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