Open Data in HK: 

Looking ahead


Charles Mok

Legislative Councillor (IT)


2019-3-2 Open Data Day @ HKU

 open data


  • an innovative ecosystem to deliver new economic opportunities
  • improve public service delivery & efficiency
  • improve public governance by enhancing transparency & accountability





HK in 2016 Global Open Data Index : #24


taking place


Identification of datasets available for publication


B/Ds will need to 'deliver' to meet the

Annual Open Data Plan

Format matters

chicken-and-egg problem

Data provider: Look we have provided more data in machine-readable format

Developer: The format is not user-friendly, it is hard to use...

Data provider: Why is so few people actually using our data? Is it worth all the resources?

Developer: ............


  • Improve ability of the community to use open data

  • Build more demand

  • Raise awareness of the benefits of public data

  • Co-create with wider audience

  • Leverage value from users

More hackathon!

What do we still need?



  1. Increasing access while retaining trust: governance

  2. More user-friendly, better quality data

  3. Balancing public interest vs private property

  4. Anonymisation and aggregation

  5. Increase usage of open data

  6. Monitoring the implementation

  7. Facilitating legal framework

  8. Better public engagement

What else?


Challenges to be resolved



arrival data



Issues of data discovery, data control & access, trust, transparency, business case, personal data...


exploring 'data trust' 


legal structure that provides independent third-party stewardship of data.

Land ownership /planning /  transaction data

Making public spending info more

easily accessible to the public

How much are US federal gov't agencies spending on IT?

Thank you - happy hacking!

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Open Data in Hong Kong: Looking ahead

By Charles Mok, Legislative Councillor (IT)

Open Data in Hong Kong: Looking ahead

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